Sunday, June 27, 2010

Red Potato Salad

Summer is in full swing. What that means to us is simple meals on the grill with a side dish of steamed asparagus or a salad with ingredients fresh from our garden. Delicious, but nothing really post-worthy. 

Nothing fancy here, either. Believe it or not, potato salad is not unhealthy. Use small red potatoes (also called new potatoes), since they haven't had a chance to develop as much starch as their full-grown elders. Then, keep your proportions right so as not to drown the salad in mayo. It's not about the mayo anyway, we are showcasing these yummy potatoes!

Red Potato Salad

Cut 3 lbs. of small red potatoes into 1-inch cubes. Cover with water, add a teaspoon of salt, and bring to a boil. When they are at a full rolling boil, remove from heat, cover, and steam for 5-10 minutes--just until you can easily pierce them with a sharp knife, no longer. This prevents your potatoes from being too mushy.

In a 2-cup measuring cup, combine: 3/4 cup light mayo, 2 tsp. prepared mustard, 3/4 cup sweet or dill pickle relish with juice (I prefer dill), and a dash of cayenne pepper.

Look at these ingredients. Nothing fancy here! Mince 2 cups celery and peel 4 hard-boiled eggs. Chop 3/4 cup sweet onion. You can be doing all of this while the potatoes are boiling and steaming.

When potatoes reach desired tenderness, drain them well and place in a large bowl. While still warm, gently mix in the dressing. 

Then gently stir in the celery, chopped eggs, and onion, and some freshly ground black pepper.

Lightly dust with a little paprika over the top and it will look just like Grandma used to make! Especially if you use a Pyrex mixing bowl. Enjoy!

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